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I'm somebody and you're somebody. Beyond that, I don't really know anything for certain.
~ Wednesday, December 14 ~

Stuff going on…

I’ve actually been doing stuff lately.  At least a little bit.  My mom forced me to start going back to my taekwondo classes, even though I was really nervous to do so since I am “not supposed” to be back home now, and I also forgot a lot of my forms.  It’s been fun, except for falling down every time I try to do a jump in my latest form. 

I’ve also been taking driving lessons and not doing too terribly (at least when I can make myself pay full attention).  On Monday, I learned, quickly and painlessly, how to parallel park.  The method I was taught might not be practical for real-life situations because it relies on seeing where the car is in relation to the barrels, but after I take the test on January 17 (and hopefully pass, since in my lesson I was taken through the route they take on the test and was told I would have passed), I’m not planning on doing too much parallel parking.  I have one more lesson.  I take these in York and coincidentally found that York had a more convenient time opened for scheduling than Lancaster.

I’ve not been as active here on Tumblr for a while.  There are multiple reasons for that.  For a while, the content filter my dad used labelled Tumblr as porn (even though I use Tumblr Savior to block porn).  Now it’s unblocked again, but the status of it keeps changing.  The other thing is that there is a huge amount of drama on a message board I’ve been contributing to for the past ten months or so.  I may have accidentally gotten myself wrapped up in some of it, even though I tried to avoid it.  While that board is down, I am joining some other small ones and trying to get myself established.

So yeah.  Trying to sign up for some community college classes but running into a few road blocks.  And I’ve still done absolutely no Christmas shopping for my family.

I’m not sure what the point of me saying all of this was, but here it is, if you want it.

I almost forgot: Hello to my latest follower, francoisarnaudpagangod.  You’re my 15th :)

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